The right mortgage solution for the veterinary profession

It’s often the case that those working in veterinary practice will come across obstacles when searching for a mortgage.

A key reason is that in a lot of cases, mortgage lenders are not familiar with the way veterinary staff are paid.

Providing the right income confirmation to these lenders can become difficult – especially if you’re a Practice owner, self-employed or locum. This makes the process of arranging your own mortgage harder than it needs to be, let alone then finding one that is competitively priced.

Independent mortgage broker ReSource Mortgages provides vets with a welcome solution to these issues.

ReSource is sister company to the specialist financial advisory business Professional Practice Services (PPS), which is solely dedicated to the veterinary profession. Through this relationship there is a deep understanding of the profession and as a result the process of finding the right mortgage can be dealt with efficiently.

Alan Holmes, Managing Director of ReSource Mortgages says “At ReSource we are experienced in arranging mortgages for veterinary personnel and can take care of this on their behalf – removing the stress and ultimately allowing them to focus their time on caring for their clients.

“Furthermore, we have the experience and expertise to source lenders that understand the profession and are more likely to offer preferential terms and lending criteria.

“For locums, we work with lenders who understand this type of work and will accept shorter periods of income history. If you’re new in practice, we could arrange lending within your first 12 months in the role – rather than you having to wait two years.

This means that the whole mortgage process is streamlined for your benefit. Ultimately, we’ll ensure you get the lender that best suits your circumstances at the best possible price”.

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