Financial Capacity Reports

Financial Capacity Reports

What is a Capacity Report?

A Financial Capacity Report can often be a crucial document to enable a client (or a Judge) to order the correct financial split of the family financial assets.

Establishing the level of funds you may need from your divorce settlement can be a lengthy process, especially when mortgages are also involved.

It is not uncommon for clients to spend a considerable amount of time with their bank only to be told they can’t (or won’t) lend until after the divorce.

Can I get an affordability calculation from a bank?

An appointment with a bank may eventually lead to you knowing your mortgage capacity, but how fair is that indication of your mortgage borrowing? After all, it is this figure which the Judge may use when deciding how much of the marital money you are going to be entitled to.

What are the benefits of a Capacity Report?

Our Financial Capacity Reports take away the time, hassle and potential for inaccurate mortgage borrowing figures and we have experience in dealing with lenders and their constantly changing lending criteria.

Using our reports, we can confidently state your level of financial capacity whilst ensuring that the level of borrowing is affordable to you in your new circumstances.

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